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Dalia’s Wondrous Hair / El cabello maravilloso de Dalia

Pre-K--3rd Activity Guide, developed by Reading Rock Stars, Texas Book Festival

Mamá the Alien / Mama la Extraterrestre

Mamá the Alien Activity Pack, developed by Monica Olivera / Mommy Maestra

The Runaway Piggy / El cochinito fujitivo

K – 2 Learning Activities developed by author / educator, James Luna

Floating on Mama's Song / Flotando en la Cancion de Mamá


Make popsicle-stick animal puppets of the neighbors’ cow, goat and pig.

neighbors animals floating




Draw a picture of what happens to you and your family when you listen to Mama sing. Include your family pet!

English version
Spanish version
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Favorite Food! - Make connections between your favorite dish and your own family and culture
food cooking